They are here again!

Comeback 2020

It all started a long time ago. Ronnie Starr saw daylight in the spring 2000. Now, twenty years later the magical sound and live performances will be available for you once again to enjoy!

Live events will be announced soon!

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Listen to Ronnie Starr


Check out the albums and singles, all songs available on Spotify. Ronnie Starr’s songs have gotten lots of airtime as well. Both Sour Love and An Avenue have been number one on Radio Suomipop’s Top30-chart.

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More videos coming soon

In the autumn 2003, Ronnie Starr made their first video. The song was Rock ‘n’ Roll Dreams and it got great reviews from the audience as well as from the critics in Levyraati in January 2004. the video will be available on Ronnie Starr's youtube channel soon. In the meantime check out this tribute to J. Karjalainen.

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And you know how the story goes: A bunch of guys get together and decide to start a band. They write some songs, record their first self-paid releases, and play the first 10+ gigs. This all happened between the summer of 2000 and autumn of 2001. After that, you could say, things got interesting...